Mail Services Mission

Mail Services Mission

The mission of University Mail Services is to provide the University community with timely and accurate handling, distribution and processing of all mail, and utilizing staff and resources effectively and efficiently with accountability.

University Mail Services which is managed by Novitex Enterprise Solutions is a department under the Office of Business Services reporting directly to the Assistant Vice President for Business Services.

This Mail Service Guide is for private circulation only. It has been prepared for the use and benefit of the University. This Guide provides useful mail service information and has been structured to assist you in using our mail services to their fullest advantage.

The guide focuses on general topics such as proper addresses, addressing of envelopes and Messenger Mail, and specific information regarding U.S. mail classification and special deliveries.

Much of the information included in this guide has been compiled from the U.S. Postal Domestic Mail Manual. Please review and use this information as applicable to your mail service needs.

University Mail Services (UMS) mailroom has trained personnel who are experienced and conversant with various mailing requirements and regulations. For special large mailings and for sending out large packages, please inform us at the Mailroom in advance. This will allows us to coordinate with you and plan effectively to meet your deadlines and at the same time, continue to service the regular needs of the University community without disruption.

University Mail Services is alert to all changes in mail rates and reviews continuously the various classes of mail being mailed from the University in order to ensure that the lowest rates are used and that all possible savings are being effected for the University.

Important Reminder

Mail Services is no better than the address on the article of mail.