Mail Preparation Solutions

Mail Preparation Solutions

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Services Offered by Printing & Copying Services

In cooperation with UVA Mail Services, Printing & Copying Services offers the following services:

  • Inkjet addressing envelopes and brochures from computer files.
  • Computer address file conversion.
  • Inkjet indicia placement on the envelope or mail piece.
  • Inkjet messaging on the envelope or mail piece.
  • Address label creation and placement.
  • Tabbing on mail pieces.
  • Machine inserting up to 6 pieces per envelope.
  • Delivery to USPS in proper format to obtain lowest possible postage rates.
  • Address verification and correction.
  • Messenger Mail preparation.
  • UPS Shipping.
  • Use of University permit #164 and electronic billing of postage charges by University Mail Services.



Special needs usually require special pricing. Call us for quotations for any mailing functions.

Special Handling

There are always times when circumstances require extraordinary measures to meet deadlines or unusual requests. We can accommodate most special requirements, although additional changes may be incurred.

Bulk Mail Preparation

In cooperation with UVA Mailing Services, Printing and Copying Services now offers bulk mail preparation. This new partnership is designed to provide the best possible mail preparation services at the lowest possible cost to University mailers.



  • File Conversion $20.00/job
  • Preferred file formats:
    1. Delimited text
    2. DBF
    Please call to see about others before use.
  • CASS certification/USPS form preparation $10.00/job
  • Deliverable address verification $10.00/job
  • Manual address $30.00/hr correction
  • Inkjet addressing $22.50/m
  • Inkjet messaging $12.00/m
  • Inkjet Indicia $12.00/m
  • Pressure Sensitive Labeling 1-up only $10.00/m
  • Pressure Sensitive - Labeling Sheet or Multiple Width - hand applied ($20.00 min) $30.00/hr
  • Upcharge for labeling pieces larger than 8.5" x 11" or more than 1/4" Thick $10.00/m
  • Machine insertion:
    • 1 piece ($26.00 min) $ 9.00/m
    • 2 pieces ($30.00 min) $11.50/m
    • 3 pieces ($34.00/min) $14.00/m
    • 4 pieces ($37.00/min) $16.50/m
    • 5 pieces ($41.00/min) $19.00/m
    • 6 pieces ($45.00/min) $21.50/m
  • Hand insertion $30.00/hr ($20.00 min)
  • Small lot folding $30.00/hr ($20.00 min)
  • Hand zip code sort $30.00/hr ($20.00 min)
  • Sort, tie & bag USPS $30.00/hr ($20.00 min)
  • Tabbing 1 tab $10.00/m 2 tabs $12.00/m
  • Delivery to USPS or Messenger Mail $ 5.00/job


Plan Ahead

The time to involve the mail preparation team in your project is in the initial planning stages.

Graphic Design

We can either completely design your mail piece or polish it for better presentation, while meeting all USPS mailing requirements.

Printing Office

We can create professionally printed media in full color or black and white on any stock with any finish to enhance your product presentation.


Copying Services

We can quickly and inexpensively produce quality black and white or full color product for your smaller mailings.

At Fees You Can Afford

We can often save you more postage expense than the cost of our service alone. Why not call us today?

Important Notice

We are UVA's designated source for business reply envelopes.